About Us

About Old North Coffee

Old North Coffee is an independent brand that reviews and tests coffee machines of all types, brands, and sizes. For this, we use machines that we have bought ourselves, but also machines that we send in.

Sometimes Old North Coffee receives products from manufacturers or stores. Even then, we always evaluate the machine independently – without any damage. Furthermore, we are not paid for conducting the product test.

In this way, we help you, the reader, get better information and make a better choice. We help the manufacturer to increase the awareness of a certain model – a win-win situation!

Founder of Website

Kevin M. Shuler was born and raised in the mid-seventies in the flat country near New York. In 2013 I moved to Temple Arizona, five years later to Wilmington. There I live with my wife and my two children.

Kevin M. Schuler – Founder

Kevin M. Shuler has 5 years of experience working at Bitty & Beau’s Coffee in Wilmington. He has well skilled in customer service, coffee and food pairing, and inventory management. He also knows much about coffee varieties from around the world (more than 100).

After that, from the years 2013 – 2018, he studied at IBCA – International Barista and Coffee Academy – one of the most prestigious schools for barista training in North America. After completing studies and obtaining a diploma as a barista teacher, he completed a further training course in the field of reviews about coffee machines, beans, and pods.

Since 2019 he has started oldnorthcoffee.com because he wants to share the latest and most in-depth information about coffee, brewing guides, independent and objective reviews. His goal is to build a rigorous evaluation of various coffee products so that readers can better understand the differences in the products and their relative benefits.

How we test

All machines are tested for the quality of their coffee. We measure the temperature of the last espresso, as it should be somewhere around 65 ° C: hot, but cool enough to drink almost immediately. When judging the quality, we take into account the quality of the crema: it must be oily, thick, and reddish-brown and can be kept for a few minutes. We then taste espresso and look for the more subtle notes in our coffee.

Espresso machines: The goal is to achieve the best quality coffee possible. For manual machines, adjustments include varying the grind, adjusting the punch, and adjusting the temperature where possible.

Automatic coffee machines: We adjust the grind, coffee strength, and temperature where possible. We also take care of cleaning and maintenance. What can be done automatically on a fully automatic coffee machine?

Dolce Gusto or Nespresso machines: We adjust the coffee strength and where possible the temperature.

Filter machines: We use the amount of coffee recommended by the manufacturer and add more or less depending on whether we think it is too strong. All the coffee is then tested for taste.

Pad machines: are tested using the same criteria, but we cannot make adjustments to the way coffee is made. Depending on the pad machine, we test with different pods.

Old North Coffee History

Please note that the old content is no longer valid so it’s of no use anymore.

The Winters family has been serving Wilmington a down-home cup of coffee since September, 2014. Jessica Winters, a Wilmington native, her husband David and their two boys officially relocated to Wilmington from Delaware in June, 2015. Jessica and David wanted to raise their sons in the South and be closer to their family and coffee house. They are thrilled to call Wilmington home again.

Dedicated to supporting the Wilmington and greater North Carolina economy, Old North Coffee sells food and coffee products grown, raised, baked or brewed by local businesses.

Our coffee is fair trade, organic, brewed locally by Java Estate. We feature baked goods from the incredible Wilmington-based Rebel Baking Co. And we now offer a variety of wraps, salads, breakfast sandwiches, sides and more by Carolina Farmin’.

And our commitment to the Wilmington community doesn’t stop there. Our coffee house doubles as a gallery for local artists to display and sell their art.

We want our coffee house to be your comfy coffee home away from home. Bring a friend or bring your laptop and join us at Old North Coffee. See what we’re serving today.

  • 1207 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington, NC, United States
  • At the corner of College Rd and Park Ave. Just to the left of Buff Masters car wash.
  • Phone: (910)  833 5066