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From Google

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Best Coffee in WilmingtonBest coffee in Wilmington! Friendliest, most down to earth staff. Such a chill atmosphere. I live for their coffee.
Ashley M.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonI loved the atmosphere there as soon as I walked in. Also, it is very spacious. It was Veteran’s Day and Megan asked me if I was a veteran so I got my hot green tea for free. That was very thoughtful and it completely made my day. I enjoyed sitting in and sipping my tea. I definitely see growth and potential with this coffee shop. Thanks Addicted for a great experience!
Manuel M.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonI live on mochas …..hands down the best mocha I’ve ever had!!!
Mandy C.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonWhat a gem ! Great atmosphere and a great owner ! I had a White Chocolate frozen Coffee ! One of the best drinks that I have had in years ! Stop by and you will be impressed I promise !! Thanks and God bless !
Chip S.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonAmazing staff. Very chill, artsy spot.
Britt R.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonMy everyday, anytime, for any reason. Love this spot and the people who run it!
Tahana K.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonFirst time here and I will definitely return. I had a delicious French Vanilla Latte. Perfect coffee flavor, not super sweet like a fast-food drink and not the obnoxiously strong S. B.-style that many places serve nowadays. Quiet, but warm and welcome atmosphere with a few comfy places to sit.
Jennifer F.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonTraveling tip: ask the locals where the best hole-in-the-wall coffee shops are. You won’t be disappointed! I ordered a nonfat dark chocolate mocha latte and was genuinely impressed. My drink is right up there, if not past, Starbucks’ version! I am so so so pleased. Super nice people and a chill environment 🙂 definitely planning on posting how pleased I am all over the Internet.
Brooke H.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonAmazing internet speeds with some great coffee, amazing artwork and friendly owners that want their space used for events, music, birthdays and more. I highly recommend it.
Soc. M

Best Coffee in WilmingtonJust had time for a coffee. It wasn’t pour over but it was well brewed and tasty. Ample parking and plenty of seating.
Matthew G.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonGot a great bulletproof coffee. Pretty big shop, clean, quiet and friendly.
L. Wolf

Best Coffee in WilmingtonThis is a nice, modern, quiet coffee shop. They have delicious coffee and a great vibe.
Kaytie F.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonGreat Bulletproof! Friendly staff.
Karen R.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonReally great coffee shop!
Edward H.

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Best Coffee in WilmingtonAbsolutely the best place for coffee I have found in my near 14 years in Wilmington. I use it for meetings, and also as a place to go to relax and recharge when there are happy pauses in the day. Dave and Megan now feel like part of the family.
For months now, I’ve been introducing everyone I can to this amazing coffee house, because it is a gem. Imagine a small oasis of calm and smiles nestled in the maelstrom of College and Kerr, and then add some of the most delicious and well-made coffee you will taste.
Comfortable chairs, and tables, art on the walls, snacks, non-intrusive music, and very clean bathrooms. Old North Coffee has it all. Go O.N., and you won’t want to go off anywhere else again! Cheers!
Han H.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonThis is probably my favorite place in town to grab a cup of coffee. Their dark roast is smooth and flavorful. There’s tons of seating inside and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Every experience I’ve had with their staff has been outstanding. If I have the choice, this is my preferred spot to meet a friend for coffee or get some work done in the morning.
Justin R.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonI was back to get my favorite drink yesterday and to pay for my drink that I walked off without paying a week or so ago !! Absent minded me !!! Great people !!!
Chip S.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonMan that bulletproof coffee is something I occasionally drive across town for! Really friendly staff and atmosphere is very nice.
Amy F.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonI finally found a good coffee shop not too far from my house. They serve organic coffee, and it doesn’t taste weak or burnt. I was surprised to see bulletproof coffee as a selection. For those of you who don’t know, it’s coffee, coconut oil, and butter thrown in a blender for a nice frothy, buttery taste. Anywho, I got a house coffee to go, so I didn’t get to enjoy the ambiance.
April L.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonGreat coffee…great service! I enjoyed a simple coffee with some sort of vanilla waffle. That little waffle was amazing.. I will be back!
Melissa E.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonReally nice coffee shop conveniently located. Very spacious on the inside and plenty of table to sit at and do work. Overall environment is peaceful. I got the white chocolate raspberry drink, which was interesting and delicious. They also have local art work here for purchase!
Sam B.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonGreat coffee and excellent service. Environment is very casual and calm. Free Wi-Fi is also available. Plenty of room for groups and for studying
Jonathan G.

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Best Coffee in WilmingtonDrinking coffee has been a passion for me for a long time. This place has some awesome coffee, people are friendly and the place is very relaxing. I sadly decided to never come back to this place again. Today I was there with my wife and two daughters (one of them being a newborn), and was shocked to find out that the barista and another guy talking to her were smocking e-cigarettes. Although some may consider that smoking e-cigarettes is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, being a PhD degree holder in organic chemistry tells me the opposite. I will not come to this place ever again to enjoy my favorite drink unless smoking of any kind is completely forbidden.
Rajan J.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonConsistency is key in the servive industry, and every time i stop in for a coffee i receive the same top notch service that keeps me coming back for more. A+ atmosphere, products, and service. Keep up the good work.
Patrick B.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonToday was our first time visiting. The atmosphere was very peaceful and clean. The man who made our coffee was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in assisting with our decision on what to order. We will be returning.
Robin R.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonWonderful coffee house with a comfortable atmosphere. The staff are friendly and inviting. The shop also features local artists and their wares. Highly recommend!!!
Sarai K.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonGreat coffee, great people. The atmosphere is awesome for a game of chess, studying and relaxing . Try the bullet proof. Add a little cinnamon and caramel if you like it sweet.
Zack S.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonLove this place! I personally have a favorite barista there but I get top notch service no matter who is behind the counter! Great coffee and snacks, great service and an inviting place to just chill and take a load off! Also, they are always doing things to help others in the community! If you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out!
Rhea P.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonTheir refreshments are the nectar of the Gods. The staff’s ability to make you feel welcomed is nothing short of wizardry.
Ryan C.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonWe LOVE this place! The owners are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxing, the staff is attentive and the coffee is amazing! You must stop and check it out!! Can’t wait to come back!
Abby B.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonAlways greeted with a smile, the cold brew is superb, and the half n half is never empty!
Natasha G.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonLatte is great, and the chai latte is the best I’ve had. Anywhere.
Pamela C.

Best Coffee in WilmingtonNot only is the coffee awesome, but so are the owners! And… The space inside is a must-see. Support local!!
Nicole R.