5 Most Effective Ways To Clean Coffee Grinder, Used For Blade And Burr

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When it comes to home-brewing coffee, a coffee grinder is an essential thing. Brewing coffee right after grinding fresh coffee beans is definitely the best way to go. Coffee grinders can come in different types, and the most popular and favorite one is the burr grinder because it results in even coffee ground, whereas the blade grinder is used to grind spices more than coffee.

However, one thing that drives every home barista a headache is the fragments of coffee and the unpleasant smell in the coffee grinder after using a while. Over time, a dirty mill will affect your fresh coffee beans, and the finished cup of joe will obviously be not as desired. It can be worse if the left oil becomes rancid, or there is mold appearing inside, and you can get sick after drinking that coffee.

So you might be wondering what would be the best way to clean this fantastic coffee invention. In this article, we will show you some typical methods to quickly clean the two most common types of coffee grinders, which use grades and burrs to help maintain them as long as possible. 

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3 ways to clean blade coffee grinder

1. Grind raw rice

An easy but relatively effective cleaning way is using rice to help your grinder dirt-free. You can choose any kind of rice, as long as it is uncooked and dry. The amount of rice needed should be enough to cover the blades entirely.

When you have raw rice on hand, then it’s very simple to clean your coffee grinder. You will only need to grind the prepared rice into a fine powder. This friction will take the remaining fragments of coffee away with the rice powder, and the starch will absorb the oils, too.

After the grinding is done, pour out the powder and use a paintbrush to wipe out your grinder. Try to remove any excess powder left in the grinder as much as you can, so your coffee grinder will be totally clean.

2. Grind plain bread

Some people complain that after using rice to clean their coffee grinders several times, they realize that the equipment won’t work powerfully as they used to. The reason might be because most rice is harder than regular coffee beans, so grinding rice could badly impact the grinder’s motors over time.

Therefore, a slice of plain bread is another option to clean your coffee grinder. Crumbs bread after being ground will also help soak up the oils from the coffee beans, even better. Using the plain bread won’t leave any strange odor in your coffee grinder, so you don’t have to worry if your upcoming coffee tastes weird.

If your grinder is too stinky because you not only use it to grind the coffee but also other spices, then a towel or paper damped in plain vinegar or baking soda to wipe out the grinder is very useful.

3. Disassembling

Even if you use the two above methods to clean your grade coffee grinder, it still requires a deep cleaning every three to six months to ensure to maintain the best capacity.

Disassemble the grinder, wash, and wipe are what you need to do in this case. Don’t forget to turn off the grinder and unplug it before taking it apart. All the removable parts of the equipment can be washed in a regular dishwasher, or by hands with soap and water.

Other parts can be cleaned by wiping with damp cloth or towel. The most important thing is to never submerge the base in water. You can use a paintbrush or toothbrush to dust the grounds and a moist paper to wipe.

All parts need to be completely dry before assembling, and you should give the machine a try to make sure that everything is ready for a cup of coffee.

2 ways to clean burr coffee grinder

1. Grind cleaning pellets

There are some discussions about using rice or bread to clean a coffee grinder. Some people said over time; these materials will make a coat of dust in the grinder, which means all the cleaning was worthless.

Cleaning pellets are the typical substitute for rice and bread to clean your coffee grinder, especially when it comes to a burr grinder. Although it’s not a long-term solution and your coffee grinder still needs occasional deep cleanings, using pellets is still a quick method to have your grinder clean.

The same way as using rice is added to clean your burr grinder with pellets. Usually grind pellets and use a paintbrush or toothbrush to remove all the grounds. Now your burr grinder is clean enough for the upcoming grindings.

2. Disassembling

Like grade coffee grinder, burr grinder can be easily disassembled to clean every single part. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to know which part is allowed to be submerged in water.

You can use any type of vacuum to take the grounds out of the parts which can not be washed and wipe them one more time with a damp cloth. With the oil residue, you better use a dry towel to remove it first, then following by a wet towel. By doing this, your burr grinder is totally clean, and you can enjoy flavorful coffee ground from this machine.

For long-term maintenance, it’s recommended to change the burrs after using a while like three or five years. However, replacing time can vary depending on how frequently you use the grinder. So if you are a coffeeholic, you should keep an eye on your coffee grinder and give it a delicate cleaning occasionally; then, you will always be treated with the best cups of joe.

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