Old North Coffee Wilmington NC Menu Selection

Old North Coffee Menu


Organic fair trade coffee brewed locally by Java Estate.


Coffee, espresso and hot steamed milk.


Coffee, espresso, hot steamed milk and your choice of white or dark chocolate.

Pourover Coffee

Freshly ground coffee filtered through a pourover dripper for the most delicate coffee taste buds.


Fresh coffee with milk that has been made frothy with pressurized steam.


Strong black coffee brewed by forcing steam through freshly ground coffee beans.


Espresso with hot water added.

Chai Latte

Indian‎ chai tea leaves boiled with milk, sugar and cardamom, made frothy with hot steamed milk.

Bulletproof Coffee

Freshly brewed hot coffee blended with 100% organic coconut oil and grass fed butter until rich and creamy.

Hot Chocolate

Hot and creamy for those chilly days.

Hot and Iced Tea

A wide variety of teas. Ask your barista!


100% Fruit smoothies, banana, mango, butternut squash. Flavors may vary.


Blended frozen coffee concoction for those hot Southern beach days


Egg and Cheese Biscuits, Breakfast Burritos

Local farmed and made by Carolina Farmin’.

Wraps and Sandwiches

Locally‎ grown and made by Carolina Farmin’, we offer Veggie Wraps, Chicken Ranch Sandwiches and more.

Garden Salads

Locally grown veggies from Carolina Farmin’.

Pimento Mac’n’Cheese

Locally crafted by Carolina Farmin’.

Chobani Yogurt

Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry and more.


Toasted with cream cheese.


Modern Oats Oatmeal Cups

Your choice of Goji Blueberry, Apple Walnut, Coconut Almond, Vermont Maple, and more!


Including the infamous Rebel Halfback (chocolate and peanut butter fudge).

Apples and Bananas